Alumni Testimonials

“I credit New World Montessori for my enthusiasm for math and my can-do attitude for learning. Currently I’m training myself with Excel to harness its full potential. It’s up to me to find the learning tools and it’s up to me to find motivation to do the work. It reminds me of third grade when I wanted to do a report on natural disasters. The teacher encouraged me and I put it together. We had the freedom to pursue what interested us. We built confidence in our skills with each independent project. That confidence in one’s own ability is invaluable as you become “an adult” where tasks are not served to you in a little box with neat boundaries. You have to define the scope of the problem and tackle it in the most efficient manner.”
Michael Bentley
Columbia University 2005 – Civil Engineering

I believe that an unequivocal love of learning is what got me to where I am and will get me to where I want to go in the future. Thus, for everything I achieve, I have New World to thank in part. The freedom to pursue what fascinated me, the friendly and personal learning environment, and the encouragement to explore and learn from mistakes all instilled in me the skills to discover and learn whatever I wanted. New World taught me to be a bold, confident, and inspired learner; it opened up a life of learning to me, and that may be the greatest gift I ever receive.
Collin Cademartori
Brown University, Class of 2018

I attended New World Montessori from the time I was 2 1/2 years old through 5th grade. I have many fond memories of this school…starting with the pink tower and the brown stairs to dissecting sentences using colored shapes and learning math with beads. I feel my hands-on and visual learning experience helped me excel in math especially. I loved that we could work at our own pace and I also love the cultural diversity of the school. Shortly after graduating Marquette’s Nursing School, I started a postpartum business helping new moms when they come home from the hospital. We have cared for over 100 families in the Milwaukee area in the last 13 years. I will never forget my early years at New World Montessori and the impact it has made on my life.
Karin Heiss Jones
Owner, Loving Hands, LLC

“I went to New World Montessori from kindergarten to 3rd grade from 1982-1987. New World put me ahead of my peers academically and gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. The Montessori method was perfect for me as a young child. The staff at New World knew how to teach and knew how to help children learn. Montessori made school fun, which made learning much more enjoyable.
Theodore “TJ” Perlick
Account Manager, Perlick Corporation
JD, Law Marquette University Law School, 2005
MBA, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, 2017

Parent Testimonials

“The gift you gave my daughter of a solid foundation is a life-long gift. You made a true difference in her life.”

– Mother whose daughter attended New World Montessori School

“When I think back on the things that influenced my life, New World Montessori School stands out. I still reference many of the concepts I was taught in those early years of my education.”

-New World Alumni who is currently a researcher for a major news network in Washington D.C.

“The focus in Montessori is on learning. When my child went to New World Montessori School he absorbed eagerness to learn because he could dig deeper into subjects of interest, whereas the focus in most other schools is on grades. Children master skills in Montessori because they have opportunity to repeat their work until it is correct instead of simply handing it in and getting a grade. I find he loves learning, is motivated, and does his homework without incidence. His skills in research, writing and overall studying are much better than his peers.

As well as my son is doing in the public school system I still recommend to other parents to keep their child in Montessori as long as they can. It was a wonderful and enriching experience!”

– Mother of a child who attended New World from age 3 through 4th grade.

“My child absolutely flourished at New World Montessori School. He transitioned into the fourth grade [at another school] this year, and academically he is very much ahead of the curve. It was not at all hard for him to transition socially – I think that boys are also fairly forgiving in this process with one another.

I will say emphatically, however, that the curriculum at the Montessori is far superior. It encourages the children to dig deeply into whatever material they are working on whereas the public school is focused on short answers and accumulation of facts. Adjusting to this difference was a bit of a challenge. My child is generally curious and verbose by nature and I think it was disappointing to him. In terms of environment, the public school is also very ‘rule and regulation’ driven instead of using the positive reinforcement of mutual respect.”

-Mother whose son attended New World from the age of 3 through 4th grade

An excerpt from
Why Montessori? A Parent’s View
By Judy Bentley
(Parent of four New World Montessori School alumni)

“In New World’s elementary classrooms, students check in with the teachers and begin work independently. The teachers may enter and leave the room without the students even noticing, much less interrupting their work. If a teacher is absent, work continues pretty much as usual — all because Montessori students are not teacher-dependent. The teacher’s role is to monitor progress, give help when needed, and to present a method or process for mastery in a given field of study. Education, however, remains the student’s responsibility. As a result, an elementary Montessori education fosters initiative, independence, enthusiasm, and self-esteem, while the structure of traditional classrooms encourages passivity and the resulting boredom and loss of a sense of accomplishment.”

“Montessori education doesn’t just pay lip service to these qualities. It is the only school system that formally fosters their development. When you select an elementary school for your child, it is not enough to look at what is being taught; it is even more important to recognize how the character of the child is formed by the way that education is structured. Montessori education respects the child in a way no other system even attempts, and the effect is profound. One visit to the elementary classroom should convince you that the program at New World Montessori School is what education should be.”