The Elementary Classroom


The goal of the elementary Montessori program is to prepare 6 to 12-year old children to enter adolescence as highly functioning and caring citizens of the world. At New World, we provide opportunities for every child to achieve academic excellence, but the acquisition of knowledge and skills is not our only goal. boy-in-glassesWe also seek to awaken imagination, encourage independence, and help children to observe, question and explore ideas. We demonstrate and value kindness, self-discipline, compassion, and acceptance.

In the elementary classroom, children are able to make choices and explore their interests without fear of making mistakes. They prepare for the real world by working together cooperatively in an atmosphere of respect. Instead of competing with each other or focusing on grades, they grow into a community where they practice important social skills every day.

The Cosmic Education

Dr. Montessori called the elementary curriculum “cosmic education.” Five epic stories or “Great Lessons” introduce children to all areas of knowledge. The first story imaginatively presents the whole universe girl-with-math-lessonto the children and provides a context for the stories that follow. Once children have the big picture, the other areas emerge naturally, and children excitedly explore all the major branches of human knowledge, including language, mathematics, different cultures, and the fundamental needs of human beings. Interdisciplinary studies combine geology, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and anthropology in the study of natural history and world ecology.

Art, music, foreign language, and physical education hold an equal place in the Montessori curriculum, both in theory and in practice. These areas are also included in the integrated curriculum, demonstrating the richness of the human mind and spirit.

The cosmic curriculum addresses the development of each child as a whole person. Children who are boy-at-blackboardfortunate enough to be educated in a Montessori elementary classroom receive a lifelong gift. They have a clear understanding and a deep appreciation for the natural world and the breadth human knowledge. And they have the confidence, strength of character, and academic skills necessary to make a meaningful and thoughtful contribution to their world.

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