The Toddler Classroom


The New World Montessori Toddler Community is a nurturing, home-like setting where children from 18 months to 3 years old are able to make the most of what Dr. Montessori called “the absorbent mind.” At their young age, learning is constant, effortless, and utterly joyful.

The Montessori toddler classroom is carefully prepared to provide a wide range of stimulating, toddlersengrossing activities within a caring, calm environment. The materials are placed low on shelves so children learn to choose and use them independently and productively. Each material has a purpose in helping children develop their potential. As they explore their classroom, absorbing language and concepts, small children gain independence, self-discipline, and social skills.

Children feel safe and secure in a Montessori setting because the room is designed to meet their needs for order, consistency, and purposeful activity. They gain confidence as they discover they are capable of completing tasks successfully.

Key aspects of the toddler program include:


  • A gentle atmosphere of respect and encouragement
  • Beautiful, uncluttered environment
  • A balance between freedom and limits
  • Individualized learning so children follow their interests
  • Developmentally appropriate activities, including care of the self and the environment
  • Exposure to basic math and science concepts
  • Focus on grace and courtesy in a peaceful community
  • Language and vocabulary enrichment
  • Exposure to other cultures and languages
  • Creative expression through a wide variety of art activities, music, and dance
  • Integration of outdoor activities, including gardening, nature studies, and free play

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